About us

MouldMaker – your reliable partner in production of injection moulds and plastic articles in Latvia.

Manufacture of moulds

We produce qualitative moulds on demand at affordable price:
  • Plastic injection moulds,
  • Extrusion blowing moulds,
  • Blowing moulds for PET packing.


Plastic parts production

We offer mass production of wide range plastic parts:
  • Production of technical articles,
  • Production of consumer articles,
  • Production of bottlesand packaging.



Engineering and design

Ordering moulds, we offer projecting services on the basis of
  • Customer’s sketches and ideas,
  • Drafts and samples,
  • 3D models of articles.


About company:

Our company was founded in Riga, Latvia uniting experts in plastic processing industry who have more than 20 years’ experience in production of articles of different complexity from various thermoplastic materials.

Our company offers a full range of services in production of articles, including the process of mould projecting and production, as well as provides mould repair services and ensures after-sale maintenance.

We manufacture moulds of different complexity for blown and injected articles using such materials as polyethylene (PE, low density polymer, high density polymer), polypropylene (PP, PPR. PPH, PPC, PP + Glass Fiber), polystyrene (PS), polycarbonate (PC), polyethylene terephthalate (PET), acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (ABS), thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), Polyamide (PA, PA + GF, PA6, PA6.6), polymethacrylate (PMMA), etc. 
We are ready to take care for production of qualitative moulds – from elaboration of individual design to delivery of article to client!
Collaboration with us – convenient and reliable!


Next level of quality for our customers!
All our machines are now equipped with high-precision gravimetric dosers for colorant and additives (UV stabilizers, Antioxidants, Flame retardants and others).
The accuracy of gravimetric metering devices is achieved by a constant control (up to 5 million measurements per minute) of the dosing parameters by measuring the exact weight of the substance being metered.
The doser supplier is the recognized leader in this field, the company MovaColor from the Netherlands. A guarantee of 5 years with a load of 24/7 is a serious argument of quality!

Starting from this month we offer to our customers "small quantity orders solution" (SQOS):
- If your plastic part not exceed 120x140mm, and have no holes/steps on side-walls;
- Single cavity tooling for big part and up to 4 cavity if small (total projection area with runner - not exceed 120x140mm);
- Hot runner (one point) or cold runner - price the same;
- Tooling investments starting from 2000 EUR;
- Tooling production time 6 weeks;
- Tooling lifetime up to 500 000 products;
- Plastic parts production lead time - from 1 week