Moulds for technical details, food packaging and other products
Injection moulds

Injection moulds

Injection moulding is one of the most widespread methods all over the world. More than one third of total amount of plastic articles is produced using the method of injection moulding.

Extrusion blowing moulds

Extrusion blowing moulds

Polyethylene package, which is produced using extrusion blowingtechnology, is appropriate for household chemicals and technical liquids.

Blowing moulds for PET packing

Blowing moulds for PET packing

Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) packing is becoming more popular for storage of dry food products and liquids.


Metalworking and assembling process photos:

Why moulds are ordered from us?

  • Large experience in the field of production of moulds.
  • In accordance with customer’s requirements, we can help with projecting of article on the basis of the defined tasks.
  • We accept for elaboration everything – from ideas, drafts, sketches and 3D models to samples.
  • Coordination of all projecting stages with customer is mandatory in order to provide optimal working resources what guarantee achievement of the expected result.
  • When producing moulds, standard elements of moulds are used which are purchasedfrom such widely known companies as “Hasco”, “DME”, “Meusburger”, “FCPK”, etc.It enables to decrease time for production of moulds and obtain standardised source materials.
  • We know how to elaborate a mould in order its working resources would reach a possible maximum in future. The used components underlie longduration of a mould; however, construction of a mould is equally important.
  • Every mould produced by us is controlled technically, as well as tested.
  • In company „AltekoPlast”, specialists constantly improve technological processes in production of moulds.
  • You can purchase a mould for production of articles with your or our working machines. We are responsible for quality of the ready-made article.

Our advantages

  • We have great experience in production of moulds and casting and blowing of plastic articles;
  • Projecting of moulds (elaboration of sketches and documentation, mathematical modelling) is carried out by our high-qualified specialists;
  • Strict quality control is performed during all stages of production of moulds;
  • On completion of assembly of a new mould, it is tested taking into account customer’s requirements, as well as testing and final casting works are performed;
  • Qualitative tools from the world’s leading producers;
  • Reliable suppliers;
  • Assistance in commencement of work and consultation during exploitation of moulds;
  • Guarantee in relation to moulds and maintenance.