Repair of moulds

Repair and maintenance of moulds

Every mechanism has its own exploitation resources and a mould is not an exception since it is exposed to high load 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Of course, the time comes when it is necessary to replace a mould completely or perform its overhaul.

Theoretically, two reasons exist due to which serious repair is required:
1) Scheduled repair. Need for repair occurs as a result of natural deterioration of mould details.
2) Sudden breakage and repair. A wide range of reasons exist which may create such situation:
   - low-quality design of mould,
   - poor exploitation conditions and non-compliance with technological processes,
   - inappropriate equipment and low-quality raw materials,
   - incompetence of service staff,
   - failure to carry out scheduled technical inspection and maintenance.

Of course, when carrying out scheduled repair or technical maintenance, issues are settled relatively soon and predictable. Conversely, in case of sudden breakage, it is not possible to detect a reason quickly. In such situations, specialist has to inspect a mould carefully, and, depending on the complexity, time for repair may take from 3 weeks to 3 months. 

In order to determine price and time for repair in advance, please contact us via e-mail (see section “Contacts”) attaching photography and detailed description of the problem.