Production of plastic articles on demand

Production of plastic goods especially for You!

  • Launching a new product?
  • Need an alternate supplier?
  • Want product with your brand name?
Feel free to contact us, we will do our best to provide you with a quality products at good price!
  • We have high experience in productoin of plastic goods;
  • Got new equipment, we constantly expanding and modernizing production;
  • Terms of production and delivery of order from 1 week.

Most often we produce:
Packaging - closures, containers, paint boxes;
Goods for construction - clamps, spacers, supports, pipe plugs, ventilation, fasteners, etc;
Agricultural goods - boxes for seedlings, pots, tack;
For children's  - toys, parts of playgrounds;
Technical things - parts of equipment, filter housing, protective elements;
Fittings for water supply systems - for fast plugin, for welding; 
Cases of various electrical equipment - remote controlers, wireless transmitters, etc;
Some samples of products we produce:

We offer:
  • elaboration of product together with client or reproduction of existing article,
  • production of new mould for article or usage of client’s ready-made mould,
  • production of plastic parts, as well as their assembly and elaboration.
Your benefits:
  • quick and qualitative delivery of the articles,
  • stable price, and it will not be necessary to pay import duty and execute documentation when importing from the states outside the European Union,
  • opportunity quickly and effectively solve problems and commence new projects,
  • supplier’s responsibility and quality assurance for the articles.