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Technology and components for moulds

Mould consists of huge amount of details which must be compatible with each other.
Details of moulds are classified into standardised and specialised details.Construction of mould’s standardiseddetails may be mountedin advance regardless of constructive peculiarities of articles injected in a mould.

Standardiseddetails of mould are as follows:
- upper and lower plate of mould,
- simple plates which are machined from all sides,
- guide bushes and columns, centring elements, springs, etc.,
- ejectors and elements for removal of product out of mould,
- hot runner system, runner plugs, hot runner injectors,
- nozzles, joints, gaskets, hoses.

All over the world, there are companies which specialise in production of such standardised elements.
Our company collaborates with such widely known companies, that produce standard details, as “Hasco” (Germany), “DME” (USA), “Yudo” (Korea), “Mold-Masters” (USA), “FCPK” (Poland), “Meusburger” (Austria), “Fodesco” (Finland).
High reliability and large working resources of moulds are ensured by qualitative tool steel and alloys from such well-known suppliers as “Böhler-Uddeholm”, “Schmolz + Bcikenbach”, “Hasco”, “Alinox”, etc.
However, choice of parameters for mould depends not only on technical peculiarities of article, but also on economic justification. Frequently, article to be casted becomes obsolete more quickly than a mould reaches its working resources. When planning the necessary amount of articles and working regularity of mould in advance, there is an opportunity to decrease costsfor purchase of mould simplifying its production technology and using cheaper components and steel with lower abrasion resistance.

Company “AltekoPlast” has gained collaboration experience with customers from different industries creating moulds for details of household appliances, industrial and laboratory equipment, food packaging and other articles. Accumulated experience in practical exploitation of moulds plays significant role as well; due to it, the range of our opportunities and construction ideas is constantly extended.